Backlinking: The Most Important Strategy for Backlinking

Every web developer knows the importance of content. With millions of sites competing for traffic, having the best content – organized text full of substance and coherence – is a must. However, other developers contend that there is another element more important than content. Backlinking, as they say, is a direct and secure way of building a new website’s traffic.

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Owing to these needs, one might get confused on which to concentrate his efforts on; is it content or backlinking? Taking a look at the SEO demands, there are a lot of things that must be put into consideration which all can be channeled back to keyword rich content and building adequate backlinks purchase links.

Does content still matter or are backlinks the more, if not the most, important? To find the answer, let us first define and identify the differences between content and backlinking?

What is content?

Content, or Web content, is the body of a website. It is the visual or textual element encountered by users that can either be text or multimedia, such as images, sounds, or videos. We shall focus on textual or written content for the purpose of this discussion.

Textual content should give readers a clear idea of what your website or page is all about. It must be unique and original to take hold and most importantly retain the attention of the readers. Copied-and-pasted information is not allowed.  Writing for web is much different than writing for other forms of media, such as print. Unlike print, Web content should be written in a way which can be universally understood, since the Web is an international resource.

What is a backlink?

Backlinking is similar to hyperlink which leads users to your site from another website or any other internet page. Backlinks, or inbound links, can be a product of a mutual agreement between two or more web developers. In this setup, each developer agrees to feature a link of the other’s website on each of their respective pages.

With every click on the backlink comes a vote tallied by search engines. More clicks mean more votes, thus the better ranking in popular search engines such as Google. Aside from bringing direct traffic, backlinking also bring link juice or PageRank votes for every high quality site that links back to your site.

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