How to Paint Wood Moulding

Are you trying to learn how to paint wood moulding but can’t seem to find the right methods anywhere? It can be difficult painting wood mouldings and if it’s not done right people will notice. The wood mouldings of your home help separate the floor and the walls allowing a little separation between, yet many people just feel that they can throw a coat of paint onto them and be set. This is actually wrong. You need to take the time to do things right or it will look quite off.

How To Paint Wood Floors White and Seal Them - YouTube

When you first start you will want to ensure that the mouldings are clean. There is no point painting a moulding that is dirty as the paint will not stick properly. After you’ve cleaned off your mouldings ensure that you let them dry before you place any paint onto them. If you paint before the mouldings are dry the paint will not adhere correctly and peel off in time floor paint wood .

Now that the mouldings are clean and ready for paint you will want to tape off everything including the floor and walls so that you don’t get paint on either of these surfaces. This will really help you save a step in painting other surfaces if you get your moulding paint onto them.

Consider your moulding size and attempt to find a paintbrush the same size. This will allow you to easily paint the surface. When you have to go through going over your area several times this could leave some areas of the moulding to have thicken paint then others making things uneven.

You will want to first prime the surface before you place your final coat. By putting a primer you can see the areas that require a little sanding instead of having an uneven surface and then these imperfections will not appear on the final product. You want to have a nice clean surface by the time the entire process is complete so make sure to go through every step necessary including sanding.

It can feel like it is taking forever to complete your wood mouldings, but when you are done it is well worth every second you spend on it. Learning how to paint wood mouldings right the first time will allow you to save many hours in the future going through repairing them. Perfect wood mouldings really help a home look complete so do it right the first time and you’ll love it forever.

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