Online Dating Advice – How to Meet Quality Women Online

You must be one of the men who wish to try their luck in the online dating world, probably because real life dating frustrates you, or you just want to test the waters. You usually open the search site, type in the usual keywords such as “online dating’, “online dating advice”, and any other possible variations you can think of speed dating hk .

However, don’t get your hopes up too high. Most of the advice you’ll get will fall short, and online dating itself can be just as frustrating as in real life. Most men who started out as curious searchers like you eventually give up the prospect of meeting someone online, because of achieving little or no results. But if you still want to push your luck through effective online dating advice, below are three valuable tips that you can count on 交友apps .

Search online, date offline

You may think that this online dating advice is a paradox, but before you close the window and look for “more consistent” advice, read on to understand its value 聊天 .

What needs to be clarified is how you must properly view online dating. Searching and meeting women are preparatory steps for being involved in a long-term relationship with them. As such, use online dating for the search. But once you’ve started to nail and date your prospective girl, I suggest that you continue dating her offline.

As much as the internet provides countless possibilities, there are also countless ways in which you may experience fraud. Imagine being in a 2-year online relationship with the “ideal woman”. Once you finally decide to meet her, you find out that you’ve been in love with someone that isn’t who you thought. This “person” could be a male intelligence officer, your stalker, or your desperate ex-girlfriend who is torn between getting you back and getting her revenge.

So, follow this online dating advice: Use the internet to search for prospective girlfriends, but make sure the relationship thrives offline.

Send messages on lucky days

When you finally entice a woman to talk to you in cyberspace, make sure that you send your email replies during the weekends-particularly Saturday and Sunday morning. For one, if a woman resorts to online dating, she is likely choosing from a massive number of options while sneaking from work. This means you are not the only one who sends messages that fill her inbox during the week.

Also, this online dating advice acknowledges that a woman who dates online is probably single, and usually undertakes an offline search for a man during Friday or Saturday nights. If she ends up empty-handed, she’ll log in to her account, check her options, and see your email. The spotlight will shift to you.

The golden rules of emailing

For the last piece of online dating advice: You should make her feel both your interest and disinterest. This is to signal to her that you actually have a life outside the internet, that your social value is high, and that you have better things to do than just pine for a reply.

To attain the balance: email word-count should not exceed 100 words, send another email if she doesn’t reply, but show her that your social value is high by not appearing too desperate.

Just learn and follow these three simple steps, and you’ll see how quality online dating advice can actually give direction to your dating life. The best part is: You’ll meet a lot of prospective women from the comforts of your own home.

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