Benefits of Studying Data Science

Data science is the study of data and how it can be exploited and manipulated in order to solve business problems, enhance the user experience, and making machines more accurate. The Digital World has recently realized the immense need of Data Scientists to solve problems using Data, and since then this profession is growing with leaps and bounds pmon real.

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Why you should pursue Data Science?

When we think of Data, we actually tend to think of 0s and 1s and most the Information Technology industries like social media, e-commerce, the block chain, crypto-technology etc. But data science is far more than only that. Data is being generated in huge amounts in every field, be it medical science for storing patients’ condition, be it bioinformatics for analyzing genome sequence, be it urban planning for solving and crowds and traffic problems, be it astrophysics for storing astronomical data, and even in sports to collect data on players’ movements and playing styles.

Data scientists are in great demand everywhere. Companies are paying high salaries and perks to attract skilled professionals to work with them. Almost every educational-survey organization and university have listed Data Science as the best profession of not only present era but of the whole 21st century. And the reason is obvious-the more and more data gets generated, the more is the need of professionals to operate them.

A Data Scientist has to be an expert in mathematics, statistics, programming languages and problem-solving. Mining and exploitation of data actually mean all three aspects of Data Science. The training focuses on the deep study of programming languages like Python and SQL for Machine learning, and study of Excel, R and other tools like Tableau, XL Miner, Spark and SAS which make the work easy and efficient.

The course consists of lifetime access of 160+ hours of training by the best instructors from renowned universities and having experience in Data industry for over fifteen years. In addition, 100+ hours of rigorous assignment and 50+ hours of Hadoop and SAS e-learning videos are provided. The student gets to attend numerous webinars and an opportunity to work on at least two live projects. Placement assistance is also available to help students land their dream job in leading companies.

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