The Duct Tape of Health Care

Prescription drugs are the duct tape of health care today. Just like the silver-sided wonder of home repairs drugs usually deal with the effects, not the real source of the problem. Duct tape used around the house can be a cheap, fast and easy solution to repair something that’s broken. Drugs can keep you working but the problem is you become a drug addict in the process. They’re also expensive, dangerous and the pharmaceutical industry wants to keep you a customer forever. Legal Steroids Europe

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Duct tape is an amazing creation that can keep a pipe from leaking, hold things together and do many other household tasks quickly and cheaply. It wasn’t designed to be a permanent repair for the most part, just to hold things together until something absolutely had to be repaired or replaced. It’s amazing how long some of us manage to delay making permanent repairs as long as there is duct tape around!

Prescription drugs are quick and easy to take but they certainly aren’t cheap. They also are a temporary repair to keep things working. They don’t cure your health problem because there is more money to be made in keeping you a drug customer for life. Unfortunately when you take one drug there is often a side effect that requires you to take a second drug, which causes an additional side effect in turn that requires yet another drug and the process continues.

America is only one of two countries in the world that permit direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs. With only 4.3% of the world’s population we consume nearly 50% of the world’s prescription drugs. If we were the healthiest people on earth that would be fine but we rank #29 in the world for longevity today, much worse in many other categories. At the same time we spend more on health care than any other nation on earth at 16.3% of our GDP in 2007. Clearly America’s prescription drug based medical system isn’t working, except to profit the pharmaceutical industry.

Mainstream medicine used to prescribe mercury and other heavy metals to patients but we’re much smarter now. We know that those substances will kill you. One hundred years from now (hopefully sooner) we’ll figure out that the current crop of medications are also toxic. There are so many drugs on the market today with so many possible interactions and long-term effects that no one really knows what they’re doing to Americans. We are simply profitable guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry. The government is doing such a great job of protecting you that the number of serious drug interactions rose in the first quarter of this year (2008) to a new, record high that included almost 5,000 deaths. The 21,000 reports in the quarter were three times higher than any quarter in 2007.

Even when used properly according to current protocols drugs can have unintended consequences. A few years ago a patient checked into his local hospital with an infection and was promptly given antibiotics. Twelve weeks later he died from the infection. By studying the germs’s genetic development while he was in the hospital researchers have discovered there were 35 distinct evolutionary developments within that short time span which eventually made the germ completely drug resistant.

Antibiotic treatments can also have a negative impact on beneficial bacteria the live in our guts, especially with prolonged or repeated treatments, according to a recent study. We need good gut bacteria for nutrition, metabolism and immune responses. While taking antibiotics researchers discovered that 30% of the bacterial species and strains were significantly affected and it took up to four weeks for most of them to return to pre-treatment levels.

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