Interesting Facts About the Vivo v21E

With the new Samsung Fascinate Mobile Smartphone you can now choose from many top of the line smartphones that are available today like the iPhone and the Android Vivo V21e . However, if you need a mobile phone with some bells and whistles then you should consider the Vivo V21E. With features like call forwarding, direct calling, music and video calling along with the standard 3G connectivity it’s no wonder the Vivo is fast becoming the leader when it comes to smart phones.

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With the latest software update, the all-new vivo V 21E gets charged much faster than ever before which means to keep your precious moments charged up forever. With a sleek design and an intuitive interface, this handset is suitable for anyone’s personal lifestyle. With a stunning 4.3 inch capacitive display the Vivo is a treat for the eye. The all-new vivo V 21E also comes with a self destruct mode, so if that’s not enough for you then add a self destruct button on the home screen. The all-new vivo V 21E comes with a rapid charging port, so charging time is cut down dramatically. With a killer combo of Android OS and high-speed cellular connectivity, the Vivo does it all and more.

The chipset inside this handset is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos 5500, which is an octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. To put it simply, this is one powerful mobile processor. The chipset is the engine of this all-singling device which enables this handset to perform with precision the whole time, and the battery capacity does not let it down even once. It has four gigabytes of RAM and this can be enhanced through the installation of Samsung’s customised application menu, namely the Zen UI or Hunchback.

There are many useful features like Google Now Cards, which enables you to store and access information about places, people and things you have been around the world. This is especially helpful when you want to plan a trip, as you get to know a lot about the places you intend to visit. You can also access the Gmail email service which will enable you to send emails on this smartphone. Apart from all these features like the memory, the battery capacity and the graphical interface, what makes the Vivo 21E so special is its Gingerbread Android operating system. With this OS, it feels like the phone is a real mobile device.

The connectivity on this handset is commendable and with the support of Samsung Pay, it can even perform multi tasking. With the Android 11 smartphone operating system installed on it, you can use the internet services like Viber and Tello. This makes the Vivo v21E even more desirable and interesting to any mobile phone lover. You can get the best of the entertainment on this smartphone with the help of Samsung’s TV-out and home video play options. You can also download your favourite apps to this handset like Sling TV and YouTube.

The Samsung Exynos variant comes with a MSMM (Mobile Service Module) -oriented chipset that is led by the Samsung chip set, including the Exynos 7560 processor along with the Mali processor and the modem. There is the Bluetooth 4.1 adapter, which facilitates fast data sharing across different devices. The chipset of the Vivo v21E includes an UVC video decoder and digital camera. It comes with a very large memory that supports the multitasking features of the smartphone. The battery of this gadget runs for several hours between charges and this is why it can be used comfortably for a long time.

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