Stakeholders and Project Management

Stakeholders and their influences, organizational learning and expert judgement are three major running themes through all the discussions on the processes and knowledge areas that impact project management.

We have discussed the organizational learning in an earlier article; expect to take up the expert judgement in an article soon before we take to wading the waters of project management knowledge areas and the relevant processes PMP certification . This article is about stakeholders and their influences on the project life cycle.

The executing organization of a project will have many who have an interest in the outcome of a project. These could not only be persons but organizations internal to the executing entity or external to it. These elements have an interest and can be affected by how a project works out.

Their influence extends to the project through project team members. They influence the project directly or indirectly. These stakeholders thus could be customers, the performing organization, project sponsor and even the public at large.

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