Should I Putt My Clubs Away If It Is Snowing?

Today, I want to talk about the golfers that feels depress when the season ends, especially in the very cold North America country. I am one of them, particularly when I disabled placard see the golf season going so fast from May to September because I know the snow is coming and it is the same problems for lots of Nordic golfers. I will start depressing because I know that if I don’t hit my basket every week, I will loose my golf swing, but like I told you in my biography, there is no problem that can not be fix, if you use a bit of logic.

Many of my clients always ask the same questions every spring “Why does it take a couple of games to get back on feet with this beautiful sport? Well the answer is very simple. Purely because you stop doing your pre-exercise before starting your game, you don’t practice you swing anymore. Do you know that if you played 90, this mean you have at least swing 180 times if you do 1 basic swing before you hit your ball. Golfers which play 10-15 games per year will swing nearly 2700 times! And you are wondering why does it take couples games? Now imagine the professional who hit 200-400 golf
balls per day before they even start their games. Many professionals’ golfers had to be operate for back pain problems. So why not playing during the winter in an interior golf.

Interior golfing is not exactly the same compare to a real golf course. However new technology has permit the industries to improve the spinning of the ball which fly almost the same direction, as if you would be on a course, using sensors all around the screen, that detect the backspin and sidespin of the ball. I have to admit that for putting, there is still some research to be made. Use interior golf that has sensors around the screen, because it permit golfers to play anywhere in the area compare to some who has little carpet sensors. However both will help you practice your swing during winter and
therefore reduce your handicap at the beginning of the season. You will have the advantage to play on the most beautiful courses around the world for a reasonable price. Just think about the Pebble beach club or the Maui golf course in Hawaii. This will help you regain all your joy during the cold season and putt yourself in a good mood.

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